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Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Scrap Metal Recycling 

Solomon Metals is one of the leading buyers,traders and processors of non-ferrous metals in the Northeast. With over 70 years of experience we have perfected our processing system to be able to handle all forms and any amount of scrap you may have.

Whether you are a scrap dealer with a wide range of items, plumber, electrician, contractor with left over materials from a job, a construction or demolition company seeking an extra revenue

source, a manufacturing or industrial company requiring a competitive outlet for your scrap or just a homeowner looking for some extra money, we have the resources and experience to service your needs. Our experience in the industry, efficient processing facility and knowledge of the metal markets allow us to provide the most competitive prices for all your scrap metal.

Through our modern recycling facilities and state-of-the art processing and analyzing equipment we are able to handle your scrap quickly while ensuring you getting the most value for your metal. 

Non-Ferrous & Specialty Alloy Experts 

We have the versatility and experience to market all types and grades of non ferrous metals and special alloys. We have
an extensive network
of consumers across the US and worldwide, allowing us to provide